An intricate, stunning song...‘Cold’ is filled to the brim of emotion,

with a voice that could stun you in a second 

- Born Music Online


We were completely captivated on the first listen

- I'm Music Magazine 

A self-taught singer and guitarist, Lydia grew up writing poetry and stories, and discovered a love of songwriting for the way music can speak when words fall short. She nurtures her love of story-telling by writing songs that are influenced by conversations and real-life questions, weaving together personal longings and universal truths.


With eclectic influences ranging from songwriters Jonatha Brooke and Ben Howard to Maggie Rogers and The Civil Wars, her acoustic singer/songwriter style is the perfect vessel for songs that are filled with personal revelations and vulnerable confessions.

'Out Loud' is Lydia's latest single and has been added to Spotify's Editorial Playlist 'Easy'. It fits right at home in this collection of songs, with its stripped-back, acoustic guitar and poetic lyrical style that leave you feeling reflectively moody. 'Cold' was Lydia’s first release, balancing hauntingly pure, honest vocals with moments of dignified, orchestral richness. It has been reviewed by Born Music Online and I’m Music magazine, and featured on Spotify playlists from OL Music, Right Chord Music and Adobe and Teardrops.


Lydia has graced the London stage at venues including Ronnie Scott’s, The Bedford, The Finsbury and The Half Moon Putney and loves discovering new places to play and new people to sing to.